Strategic Business Development

  • Leading companies to identify business challenges and determine relevant solutions.
  • Design strategic developmental schemes.
  • Analyse actionable business and market intelligence (i.e. macro-economic developments, competitive landscape, regulatory environment).
  • Conduct feasibility, financial, and investment studies.
  • Develop strategic planning and business transformations. 
  • Institution and organization development. 

Business Advisory

  • New market and industry entrants advisory 
  • Supporting companies with their international business activities at all levels.
  • Analysing challenges and potential risks facing the organizations.  
  • Allocating, selecting, and developing new opportunities and business relationships for growth.
  • Selection of the most suitable partners for specific products and services based on track record, strengths, and  capabilities.
  • Evaluating the market potential of the organizations brands, products, and services.


  • Market Analysis 
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Business Planning
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Identifying Growth Rates
  •  New Products & Services Development
  • Globalization & Localization Planning


  • Tailoring Corporate Identities
  • Creating Brand and Product Identities 
  •  Marketing Research 
  • Sales Tactics and Solutions
  • MarCom Departments Creation & Utilization

Medical Activities

• Brand medical supportive documents (Value Added Programs) by providing recent Guidelines, Updated Clinical Trials.

• Creation of Brand medical claims to empower brand products as U.S.P product positioning , differentiation points versus competitors.

• Creation of training medical modules.

• Providing slide kits in all therapy areas. 

• Development of  Patient Educational Programs for Chronic Diseases.

• Conduction of internal Initial Training for PSR.

• Creation of Brand and Disease related content

• C.M.E Programs Provider in collaboration with diversified high profile Schools of Medicine as well as major trusted industry K.O.Ls

Academic & Leadership Development

  • Coaching & Support to Start Up, and Small – Medium Enterprises. 
  • Development of Sales & Marketing and Key Account Management initiatives. 
  • Preparation For The Organizations & Participation In Trade Fairs, International Associations, and Chambers. 
  • Review & Optimization Of Operational Processes. 
  • International Academic collaborations & Partnerships. 
  • Youth Empowerment and Enablement Programs. 
  • International Educational Key opinion leaders and industry experts affiliation. 
  • Executive & Continuing Education Programs. Alumnus Support Strategies.


  • Athlete development and profiling.  
  • Sport federations partnerships. 
  • Hosting international sports shows in Egypt and Middle East.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Promoting teams and athletes.